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County and county boroughs in Wales are divided into community areas for which there may be an elected community council. A community council is a body consisting of the chair and the community councillors. Community councillors are elected by the local government electors for the community and hold office for a term of 4 years. The chair is elected annually by the council from among the councillors.

The functions of a community council are set out in LGA 1972 and in other legislation. Among the services and amenities they most commonly provide are village halls, playing fields and open spaces, seats, shelters, street lighting and footpaths. Community councils have power to do anything they consider is likely to achieve the promotion or improvement of the economic well-being, social well-being or environmental well-being of their area.

The main source of funding for community councils is the funds raised through what is referred to as a precept (a charge) to council tax under section 41 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992. A community council must calculate its budget requirement for a financial year in accordance with section 50 of that Act and issue a precept to the billing authority. A community council’s expenses are paid out of the funds received by the precept.

Bronington Community Council

The Council covers 3 areas: Bronington, Tybroughton and Iscoyd. Representatives are elected from residents who live in those areas. The Council comprises of a clerk, Mrs. Ruth Shackleton, A Chair, currently Mrs. Vanessa Brodie and 11 other councillors. We meet every month, except August and December, on 3rd Wednesday in either Whitewell Parish rooms or in the Community Room behind Bronington School.

We try our best to support many areas of the community:

  • Whitewell and Bronington Church
  • Whitewell Parish Rooms
  • Bronington School
  • We pay for the upkeep of the War Memorials at Whitewell, Bronington and the bus shelter at Elgwys Cross which is a relatively new memorial.
  • We pay for the upkeep of the Barry Barlow Memorial Play area at Maesllwyn Close which involves regular maintenance and repair as necessary
  • We are advised by Wrexham of any planning application which we scrutinize and support or send comments as deemed necessary
  • The local police make a report to us monthly and come to our meetings when they are available.
  • Rodney Skelland, our local Borough Councillor, also attends meeting to support us and give advice where necessary
  • We report problems to Highways. This might include road surface issues, blocked gullies, footpaths and overgrown hedges

We give regular donations to support local causes. This year we have given to:

  • Nightingale House Hospice
  • The Rainbow Centre
  • Shooting Stars appeal
  • Wales Air Ambulance
  • The Jubilee Luncheon Club based in Bronington

At Christmas we organise Carols and Mince pies at Bronington School with a visit from Father Christmas. There is always an agenda item where members of the community can come and speak to us about any suggestions or concerns.

Community Funding

Once a year we invite people in the area to tender for funding where they think that money needs to be spent for the benefit of members of our community. Examples of how Community money has been allocated to the local community include donations towards new play equipment and noticeboards at Bronington School, equipment at Bumblebees Pre-School, replacing the windows at Whitewell Parish Rooms and a footpath at Bronington Church.

Our accounts are audited yearly by an outside auditor appointed by Wrexham.

Finally anyone is welcome to attend any of our meetings to listen to what we discuss.